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0086-13757779901 0086-13757779902


Che'ao Industrial Zone,Northern Baixiang Town,

Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Chinh Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the largest industrial electric product

manufacturers in China and is an international enterprise, which specially develops, manufactures and sells the world leading level high and low voltage electric and element transmit distribution

equipment, power equipment, instrument and meter, building electric, automatic, wire and cable,

electricity and electric equipment, etc.

Our enterprise has own international attestations of ISO9001, CE, CB… certifications. We

possess a giant of distribution and service webs in more than 35 countries and regions in the

world. The quality and service of our products enjoy high reputations from users at home and

abroad. Our company possesses a full set of imported production...

About our company

Two hundred employees



Founded In

 more than 35 countries and

regions in the world


ISO9001, CE, CB. certifications


Chinh Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the largest industrial electric

product manufacturers in China and is an international enterprise

Our Products



photo sensor

Connecting Terminals002

Connecting Terminals001




We will provide you with the latest news of electrical information at once.

Latest News

The difference between environment-friendly cable and low smoke halogen free cable
Many places in the key project, such as fire fighting, monitoring, alarm and other places will use low smoke halogen free cable. Usually people will call it environmental cable. In fact, the environme
Development and innovation of weighing sensor design and manufacturing mode
The core of "industrial 4" is the digital and intelligent manufacturing industry. The essence of "China made 2025" is the deep integration of industrialization and information technology, with "innova
Introduction of sensors for measurement and control division of China Aerospace Technology Research Institute
Multi component force sensor is also called multidimensional force torque sensor, which can be used to test the force and torque of the three directions of X, Y and Z in three-dimensional space. After
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